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Corporate Self Defense Workshops

We offer intensive 3hr seminars or whole day training programs to enhance proactive safety strategies for staff to prevent workplace violence or aggression towards them before it happens.

Corporate Self-Defense Programs are designed especially for professionals who are concerned about their personal safety but may have no previous experience in martial arts or self-defense training. Our program offers a wide variety of techniques and options for men and women, in our self defense and de-escalation training. Regardless of your fitness level, size or gender. We can teach you realistic and practical skills derived from multiple different martial arts for employees’ specific needs.  Protecting the client and the business from litigation as well as physical conflict. Verbals de-escalation training and physical techniques are taught so our clients can escape or injure to degree within the confines of the law. Classes are structured in a friendly, fun and safe learning environment.

Dean has an absolute wealth of knowledge in self defence and the training he provided to our workplace team was absolutely invaluable for building confidence and awareness. Our team members are still raving about it weeks later and boasting it was ‘the best professional development’ they’ve ever done! Dean took the time to structure the training content according to our workplace, service delivery and team needs. He addressed much more than just physical components of self defence, such as early warning signs, de-escalation techniques, preventative actions and legal implications. Dean was able to quickly put our team members at ease and effortlessly adapted the training according to our team members interactions and questions. We’d highly recommend hiring Dean for corporate self defence classes!

‘K Darcey – Human Services corporate group’