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Eskrima, Kali, Arnis and Combatives

The nucleus of the club’s system is the art of eskrima.  Eskrima, also known as Arnis or Kali. The three arts are roughly interchangeable umbrella terms for the traditional martial arts of the Philippines (“Filipino Martial Arts” or FMA) which emphasize weapon-based fighting with sticks, knives, bladed weapons, and various improvised weapons, as well as “open hand” techniques without weapons. The combatives aspect of the club is based off of hand-to-hand combat systems primarily used by members of the military, law enforcement, or other groups such as security personnel or correctional officers. Combatives are based in martial arts but are not themselves distinct disciplines.

Chief instructor Sensei Dean Carter and Sensei Neil McLeish have been recognized as black belts by Combined Martial Arts Academy. They have trained under Filipino Masters in the Philippines and competed in the Philippines, Hungary, Indonesia and Australia.